Benefits of Wetland and Stream
Mitigation Banking

Low Cost.
In traditional off-site mitigation, landowners must pay for suitable land, engineering reports, wetlands studies and earthwork before new wetlands can be created. Once created, these new wetlands are subject to additional annual supervision and maintenance costs to ensure their survival. In addition, intangible costs associated with liability issues make it nearly impossible for a landowner to accurately estimate the ultimate cost of traditional off-site mitigation. By eliminating these expenses, Byrd Creek provides a mitigation solution with a substantial cost savings.

Elimination of Liability. In traditional off-site mitigation the developer and landowner are liable for the success of a wetland project over a five year period. Since the creation of wetlands is an expensive, complex and time-intensive process, a developer can incur significant costs to rebuild a wetland project if it should fail. A developer who buys wetlands from Byrd Creek faces no uncertainty about a mitigation project's success because Byrd Creek assumes all liability.

Comprehensive Solutions. Developers can spend up to 18 months gaining approval for a wetland mitigation plan. Each plan requires approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and Local permitting agencies. Since Byrd Creek has been pre-approved by these agencies, landowners are released from this time-consuming task which frees them to focus on their development project.

Monitoring and Compliance. Byrd Creek, in essence, consolidates numerous small off-site wetland mitigation projects. This consolidation improves the agencies' ability to monitor projects, thereby improving their efforts to restore, create and enhance wetlands for mitigation purposes.

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